We’re starting to get a little worried about my brother. He was in Delhi the day before the bombings, and was due to travel to Mumbai yesterday or today before flying home. Given that the bombs went off in popular tourist areas near a central train station, and that we haven’t heard from him, it’s a bit anxious. I know it’s pretty unlikely; the Canadian consulate in India isn’t reporting any Canadian casualties, and if he’s anywhere in the midst of a long train ride or flight back to London he might not have had a chance to get to an internet cafe (especially given the government’s urging to stay away from crowded areas). It’d just be good to hear from him is all.

[update: All is well. He emailed from London this afternoon.]

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  1. Wow- your family has a knack for near misses, don’t you? Weren’t you in London like a day or two before the subway bombing?

    I’m glad to hear he’s well. I was a little worried when I read your blog this morning.


  2. Life on the edge: that’s the way we roll over here, baby!

    As the Lieutenant reported, we were fine. We had just left Delhi, and been in the air about an hour, when the bombings happened. We didn’t know until we got to Mumbai and turned on the TV. In any case, the bombs didn’t happen anywhere we had been. One was in a completely non-tourist market area; the other was in a very touristy area, but for budgent-end backpacker hostels. We weren’t staying there.

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