Friday night we went to see Syriana (imdb | rotten tomatoes), and we loved it. Complex enough to make you think (and, evidently, so complex that the girl next to us had to have her boyfriend explain what was going on every 30 seconds…and not in a whispery voice either) and dramatic enough to be entertaining throughout. I’ll be buying this one, or at least renting it, so that I can watch it again and pick out details that I’m sure I missed the first time through. Not as sweeping in scope as Traffic was, but infinitely better than most of the crap that cycles through movie theatres nowadays.

Yesterday Nellie rented Mad Hot Ballroom (imdb | rotten tomatoes) and the remake of Fever Pitch (imdb | rotten tomatoes), both of which I kind of half watched while doing work on the couch with my headphones on. I got the visuals of Drew Barrymore, and I don’t feel robbed by missing the rest.

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