Okay…gonna vom…

We just got back from dinner at Da Maurizio. We both ate so much that we’re ready to pop and splatter our delicious innards all over the wall. It was every bit as amazing as we remembered, maybe moreso. The shrimp? Sumptuous. The pumpkin-filled ravioli? Absurdly good. The duck? Spectacular. The chocolate custard? Perfection. Even the amuse-bouche they brought us was good, and I don’t like most of the ingredients (salmon, onion, caper, etc.). They even comped the dessert when they found out it was our anniversary. The only thing comparable to the food was the service.

God, I love that place, even if I do feel like a balloon that’s about to pop…

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  1. *sigh* For anyone who has read The Husband’s blog faithfully, you will know that I have been denied the pleasure of Da Maurizio for the last 2 years. First, the flu on the day of our wedding, and then the great snow storm of ’04 on our first anniversary. I was dreading what would keep me from the deliciousness that is Da Maurizio this year. Praise the gods, Halifax did not catch on fire, and we ate, and drank, and ate some more. The food was so good I wept each time I finished a course. Snails sauteed with garlic and brandy with a cream and truffle sauce, handmade gnocchi that was so soft it melted in my mouth, pan seared scallops, assorted sorbetti, and a couple of delicious wines. *sigh*

  2. I was there last night with my better half and she too had the snails in the truffle sauce. For the main course I had the halibut with black olive pesto sauce and my other half had some gargantuan seafood medley dish. Frig I was jealous after she got it. Great amount of food and wine was consumed. Damn it was good. As you say Dan the only thing that parallels their food is their service. I dream again for the next time I can go back.

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