This story is disgusting, horrifying and tragic. How can anything called an “honour killing” even exist? How could any man be so deranged that allegations of adultery by his oldest daughter would lead him to slit not only her throat, but the throats of his younger daughters (aged four, seven and eight) as well?

We hung out with CBGB for a bit last night before they leave for a few weeks. We’ve been away for a while and they’ve been packing, so we haven’t seen them in almost a month. Anyway, I think I’ve had too much rich holiday food, ’cause I couldn’t even finish my beer. I need a week of salad just to counter all the chocolate I’ve eaten.

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  1. You’re right- it is totally disgusting- and I personally think this guy should get a full sentence (10 years is nothing, besides, when he gets out, I’m sure there are some who will actually respect him for his actions). Honour killings shouldn’t exist, but unfortunately, they are very common in certain parts of the world, particularly in East Indian cultures, African cultures, Chinese etc. Unfortunately, women are usually the victims.

    I personally can’t imagine how any parent could do that to their own child, and especially the little ones. It is sick, and sad. I know that culture can play a strong role in our actions, and can have strong influences, but everything has a limit, and everyone has a choice.


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