Wow. Vince Carter is calling out Kobe Bryant for his 81-point game ’cause one-man shows like that don’t honor the team concept. That’s fucking rich. Carter might as well have been talking on his cell phone during his last 60 games with the Raptors. What an asshat.

Speaking of asshats, can we please find a way to stop all the whining in Alberta about being so hard done by and about how the rest of Canada discriminates against you? Antonia Zerbisias points out some of the fairytales spun by Norman Spector, and on CTV Newsnet this morning I heard Link Byfield whinging about “the east” just not getting “the west”. This confused me, as I’m pretty sure my ballot didn’t list “Alberta” as a candidate.

On to hotter happier things now: Martina Hingis. I actually have a reason to watch tennis again. Ok, well, maybe just tennis highlights. She lost last night, but getting to a grand-slam quarter-finals after being away for so long? Pretty impressive.

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  1. Re:’cause one-man shows like that don’t honor the team concept

    I’m but a wee girl on Dan’s Tuesday night pickup basketball team…all i heard ringing thru my head all night was “stop giving the f*(#&#) ball away!” (he may have even called me a biatch and pushed me too)

    Big F*#($&# surprise you don’t support team concept Dan-O!

  2. Pfft.

    1. I didn’t curse. I merely yelled, in a funny strangled voice (much like the pimply-faced kid on the Simpsons), “Stop throwing the ball to Packer!”(Packer being a guy who was not on our team but interecepted our passes, like 56 times in a row)
    2. There was no calling of names.
    3. There was no shoving. Unless you were in the post. And then there was nothing *but* shoving.

    Methinks the wee girl doth protest too much. I think she’s just trying to take out her anger for missing so many shots. 😛

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