I’m pretty wiped today. We were up until about 4AM; I had to sign off on an implementation that went in last night. I got a couple hours of sleep between 4 and 6, then had to get up to do a final check and sign off, then back to bed for a couple of hours. I can function at about 80% even with minimal sleep, but I still just feel drained and wonky.

At least staying up until 4:00 gave us lots of time to watch all the episodes of Veronica Mars that we downloaded. We’re now up to date on season 2, so we can pick it up tonight.

Canadiens 4, Leafs 3. For once Montreal was on the power play in overtime against Toronto, and they scored to pull out a big win on the road.

Last night we started up our Winterlicious tour at beerbistro with friends R&M. I really enjoyed it: the atmosphere was somewhere between a lounge, a pub and a restaurant, with a large bar, TV and jazz quarter up front and dining area in the rest of the room. The food was good — not Avalon or Splendido good, but certainly much better than a pub or most restaurants — and their suggestions for different beers were right on. I had a pint of Fuller’s ESB, a bit of Dennison’s Weissbeer to go with my salad and a pint of Koningshoeven Dubbel to go with my steak and dessert. The Fuller’s and the Koningshoeven were both excellent and matched the food well. My only complaint about the place was that the music was too loud; we had to yell across the table to each other.

I can see beerbistro becoming a regular neighbourhood place — along with C’est What, the Irish Embassy and The Strand — when we move downtown.

Good for Nettwerk, a Canadian record label that’s fighting charges laid by the RIAA against a Texas father.

The cats both puked at the same time this morning. It was like some kind of coordinated terrorist attack.

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