On line, online

We’re waiting to get into the Daily Show. Being uber-prepared we’re 90 minutes early, but we’re about 20th in line. Doors open at 5 and we didn’t think to bring our books, so I’ve got some time to kill.

We started off the morning with some fast, greasy, diner food just down the street from the hotel before walking up 6th Avenue to MoMA. We blasted through that, taking in all the Picasso and Pollock and Warhol and Matisse and Rothko and Magritte (the last two being my favourites) we could absorb in a short amount of time.

Next up was Rockefeller Center, where we paid to go up to the 70th floor. There’s an open-air observation deck up there that gave us great views of the entire city. Since our last trip here only gave us the chance to go up the Empire State Building at night, this was a good daytime substitute. Too bad it was hazy.

But really, the reason it was hazy is that it’s been so warm. It’s been in the low 60s, which to the rest of the world is in the mid to high teens, I think. We’ve been enjoying the sunshine and lack of jacket.

Anyway, after a quick trip back to the hotel, a long stroll through Hell’s Kitchen to the Comedy Central studios and a quick bite to eat, here we are.

And now we wait.

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