Doopy doopy doo. Whilst I wait for inspiration to strike (I’ve reviewed and studied about as much as I feel like iI can), here’re a few interesting tidbits of news that caught my eye:

  • United 93 is premiering at the Tribeca film festival next month. It’s high on my list of must-see movies this spring, partly because of the gripping subject matter, and party because it’s directed by Paul Greengrass, whose work I enjoy immensely. I can only imagine it will draw some controversy, but it’s been 5 years since the attacks and if anyone can handle it, it’s New Yorkers. They’re not much for shying away from things.
  • Toronto, on the other hand, has been hemming and hawing about the waterfront since before I moved here. However, as Christopher Hume reports in the Star, it appears they’re taking the first steps toward the redevelopment they’ve been promising for years. However, I shall believe it when I see it.

OK. Back to studying. Or pretending to study.

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