Refreshment & variety

After a long day of spring cleaning (well, not that long…I slept until 10 and Nellie didn’t get out of bed ’til nearly noon), during which we rearranged the bedroom and combed up enough cat hair to make a Chewbacca suit, Nellie has cracked open a bottle of 2005 Fielding Estate Pinot Gris that Duarte gave her. I went slightly downmarket: a diet pepsi. Ahh.


My Roku just played Blink-182, then Blind Willie Johnson, then the Rheostatics‘ cover of “Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald”, then Sugar, then Bob Dylan, then Sebadoh. Hooray for random.


From Listening Post: Neil Young to Take on Bush Administration in Upcoming Album.

[rubs hands together with glee, all Burns-like…]


A colleague and I were talking about Brick yesterday. He had the “You wanna take a swing at me, hash-head?” line in his MSN message. It’s funny, but we both noticed the same tiny little details about the movie, like the lamp in the van or what was written on the sign in the vice-principal’s office or the incomprehensible dialog between Brendan and Brain. Goes to show what a great job they did. I can’t wait to buy it; we’re considering going see it again in the theatre.

0 thoughts on “Refreshment & variety

  1. She just had one glass, but she seems to like it. She gushed about the colour for a while. I had a sip; little sweet for a Pinot Gris, but good.

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