What the hell am I supposed to do without any World Cup matches on TV tomorrow?


Come Saturday night I’d like to see Germany, Ukraine, England, and France move on, but I suspect it’ll be Argentina, Italy, Portugal and Brazil instead.


Still on sports, I’m wondering who the Raps’ll take with their #1 pick (which they seem intent on keeping). That article — and my learned colleague PC — suggest it’ll be either LaMarcus Aldridge or Andrea Bargnani. I wish there was a decent point guard available, but I don’t think you can drop a #1 on Marcus Williams.

[tags]world cup, nba draft, toronto raptors, lamarcus aldridge, andrea bargnani, marcus williams[/tags]

0 thoughts on “Withdrawal

  1. I would have to agree with your World Cup picks although I’m still torn between Germany and Argentina.

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