We were up early this morning to pick up our rental car, grabbing some road muffins along the way. We made it out to our aunt + uncle’s place outside of Guelph in really good time, before 10:00. We had a great visit there; our cousin and another of our uncles joined us for lunch (we had strawberry shortcake…droooooool) and I showed everyone the miracle of whipped cream on a gingerbread cookie. We left around 3 to continue our journey.

Only a few minutes north was the town of Elora, where we’d booked a night at the Elora Mill Inn, overlooking a gorge with rushing water. It’s a cute little town; we walked around for a bit, had a drink in the hotel bar overlooking the gorge and had a few minutes to relax in our rooms. Now we’re about to head out for some dinner.

[tags]strawberry, guelph, elora[/tags]

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