Examples of delusion

  1. Rob Schneider believing Mel Gibson might’ve ever wanted to make a movie with him in the first place;
  2. professors thinking the World Trade Center was destroyed by internal detonation, not the jetliners that crashed into them;
  3. anyone thinking Elvis Stojko’s upcoming “‘hot’ adult contemporary” album will be good.

[tags]rob schneider, mel gibson, world trade center, elvis stojko[/tags]

0 thoughts on “Examples of delusion

  1. You’re so jealous it’s pathetic. I and his many other fans around the world can’t wait for Elvis’ debut album. How many Olympic medals have you won?

  2. How many Olympic medals have I won? Zero. Why? How many Academy Awards have you won? That has about the same relevance to whether or not Elvis Stojko’s going to put out a good album.

    Sigh…I hate it when teenage girls leave comments.

  3. Me a teenage girl? You couldn’t be more wrong. Now that’s funny. I still think you’re a jealous idiot. The first four letters of your last name describe you quite well. I’ll bet it’s a little sausage too. There are some people, like Stojko, who excel in more than one arena. Unlike you, who excels in none.

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