Is that a vampire nun?

This post borrows liberally from two sites I pilfered from my brother.

First, after following the link in the weird little strip he designed, I decided to make my own. I suggest you do the same.

Second, this unsettling link from badscience — a site my brother pointed me to — talks about how the UK is changing regulation of homeopathic remedies to allow them to make medical claims without evidence. I’d hate to see Canada make a similar move, for fear that people would equate homeopathic remedies with actual medical treatment. More than they do now, I mean.

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0 responses to “Is that a vampire nun?

  1. On StripGenerator: have you read all the public ones people have created? There’s a little list below yours, on the SG web page. Even the ones that aren’t in English are very funny.

  2. I read a few of them. Some of them are more “messed up” than “funny”, but they’re all entertaining.

    Speaking of messed up, I’m kind of sad that I didn’t go for this movie at the festival. Any film featuring a guy who can ejeculate fire just has to be good.

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