Outsourced (7/10)

So sweet my teeth hurt, Outsourced (tiff | imdb) was our final film of the festival. It was, as T-Bone advertised, cute. Very cute. Funny, in a gee-aren’t-American-and-Indian-cultures-different kind of way, cute, in a holy-shit-the-lead-actress-is-gorgeous kind of way, and pleasant in a no-violence-no-swearing-no-sex kind of way. Except the monkey pulling a turnip.

The film hasn’t been picked up yet, but it probably should be. It’s funnier than most of the stuff that comes through big theatre chains, and it’s clean enough to get a low MPAA rating (and therefore a big audience).

Sweet. Cute. Funny. Pleasant. Clean. I’m not trying to damn this movie with faint praise, it was actually pretty good. Not the edgy art I’d really want to close out the festival, but I normally have no time for this type of movie and I enjoyed it, so…there you go.

[tags]tiff, toronto international film festival, outsourced[/tags]

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