Not booking vacations will mean the terrorist bears have won

I love doing nothing.

OK, well, we didn’t exactly do nothing today, but pretty close. We went looking for a wide angle lens for our new camera, but couldn’t find the adaptor needed to make it work; it seems to be sold out everywhere. We’re now on the hunt for one before we leave for Alberta next Sunday. We also picked up some clothes at MEC, since we’re not sure what the weather’s going to be like. While we were there some wildlife people were showing a group of kids some animals native to Ontario like badgers, possums and snapping turtles. It was hard to get Nellie out of the store.

After picking up those things and doing a few more errands we came home and have spent nearly the entire day exploring: Nellie in a new book we bought about hiking trails in the Rockies, me on Google Earth. I plan to scour sites like wikitravel and chowhound for travel hints and ideas over the next week. Anybody know any good places to eat in Calgary (or Banff/Lake Louise/Jasper)?


My brother is also leaving for a trip in the next couple of days. While we explore the mountains, he’ll be in Turkey. There was some concern about the safety of that destination following the explosions at tourist resorts in August, but h’s not scared. What follows is a transcript of an email conversation we had today:

  • Tim: I know you guys are going out west soon. Before I forget, [SWMNBN] and I wanted to say, “Have a super time”. I’ve only been to the Rockies once, and have felt like I should do that again some day. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun.
  • Dan: Thanks! Yeah, a week from now we’ll be packing for our early-Sunday-morning flight. Did you ever reset your travel plans? Or are you still aiming for Turkey?
  • Tim: We’re still going to Turkey. Fuck terrorists.
  • Dan: Exactly. That’s why we’re going to the Rockies. Fuck terrorists. Wait…I meant bears. Fuck bears. I always get those things mixed up.


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