Once again, an Onion headline becomes reality

Of all the reprehensible things the Bush administration has done, this is one of the most terrifying: in an article titled Forget Nuremberg: How Bush’s new torture bill eviscerates the promise of Nuremberg, Slate explains how the President has granted himself the authority to “interpret the meaning and application of the Geneva Conventions.”

The court system is now emasculated regarding the issue of torture. The executive branch has subverted the judicial branch, and has the legislative branch by the throat. The checks and balances set out by the forefathers Republicans claim to hold so dear are being chipped away, bit by bit.

I fear America is sliding into a period which, not too many years hence, they’ll view as one of the darkest in their history.


On a lighter note, and in preparation for our trip, I’ve added a little Google Map to the sidebar. It’ll show you where we are, so long as I can get enough signal to update our location on the blackberry.

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0 thoughts on “Once again, an Onion headline becomes reality

  1. Re dark days, I’d note that the freewheeling style in the US is not new (right to bear arms, lumber tarrifs, trade protection, [ill]legal immigrants, etc), so if there are concerns about the US, and their interpretation of internatoinal law, this is small potatoes.

    PS: I think I sense, and like, the diirection towards commentary, in shrill.

  2. Calling the Bush administration “freewheeling” is like calling Osama Bin Laden “innovative”.

    In any case, I don’t think this is small potatoes. This is slowly chipping away at the foundation of their government, and undermining the one branch of government that isn’t overtly political. The president has declared himself — with the consent of the Senate — better suited to judge what is and what is not torture than the Supreme Court and the internationally agreed-upon interpretation of the Geneva Convention.

    America usually learns from its mistakes and looks back at periods in its history when rights and freedoms were restricted by small-minded men — like puritanism, prohibition and McCarthyism — and feels ashamed. This will be no different.

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