Going where many, many men have gone before

Two more sleeps, as my wife would say.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t know how I booked travel before the internet. Actually, I suppose I didn’t really; by the time I started flying anywhere or paying for a hotel the internet was in full bloom. I think the last time I spoke (voluntarily) to a travel agent was in 1997, right after I moved here and needed to book a flight home for my brother’s wedding.

Now, with web 2.0 / social software / whatever geeky term you want to use, it’s gotten even better. TripAdvisor helped us pick hotels in Lake Louise (Moraine Lake, actually) and Jasper that we never would have heard of, though they were both ranked #1 and were far cheaper than the Fairmont options. We did book a stay at the Banff Springs, though; I dare say we’ll need some extravagance at the end of the trip. Flickr gave us an advance taste of places like Emerald Lake and Lake O’Hara, and Chowhound pointed us to to some interesting restaurants that we’d have never considered otherwise.


By the way, the title is a line from Almost Famous that has nothing whatsoever to do with travel research.

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