This flight tonight tomorrow morning

It’s hard to believe the trip we began planning and booking and researching so long ago begins tomorrow. Early tomorrow too; our flight’s at 7 AM. We wanted to salvage the afternoon and do more than just check in to our hotel. The plan is to pick up our rental car at the airport, drive through Banff to Moraine Lake (near Lake Louise) and check in at our hotel. We’ll then jump back in the car and drive west across Kicking Horse Pass into BC and see Emerald Lake before it gets dark, and then we’ll stop in the closest town — Field, BC — for dinner.

The next day — Monday — is pretty much set out for us. We’ll get up early to look around Moraine Lake itself, then drive to the bus that takes people into Lake O’Hara and the surrounding trails. We’re there until late afternoon and will then head back into Lake Louise and/or our hotel. From that point on the plan loosens up somewhat.

Whatever happens, you can follow along here. I’ll be posting when I can; wireless access is spotty, and one of our hotels doesn’t even phones in the rooms, let alone ethernet connections. I’ll also try to upload a few pictures to flickr when the opportunity presents itself.

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0 thoughts on “This flight tonight tomorrow morning

  1. Ahhh…the mountains…Calgary. Say “Hi!” to it all for me Dan. How I miss it……have a great trip!

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