F**king Firefox just f**king crashed and I lost a huge f**king post that I’d been writing for half a f**king hour. I’m not writing that f**king thing again, so you’re getting a point f**king form version.

  • Five Doors North at Yonge & Eg isn’t very good.
  • Death Of A President was pretty good, maybe a little better than I was expecting (but not quite as good as I’d hoped)
  • Irreversible, while expertly shot, was extremely hard to watch. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you can sit through graphic violence and/or prolonged rape scenes.
  • Moleskine doesn’t make a Citynotebook for Toronto, but they should.


[tags]five doors north, toronto, death of a president, irreversible, moleskine[/tags]

0 thoughts on “F**k

  1. *The US and Canadian cities will be available from spring 2007. Well…Montreal will be but no Toronto! I am so getting one when they eventually come out with one.

    I agree,Irreversible is probably one of THE Most disturbing films to watch.

    Firefox crashing? Never heard of such a thing!

  2. It was actually the FireFTP extension that crashed. Firefox tried to recover but could only get back the title.

    Cyndy, what really bugged me about it was that it was my own stupid fault. I have a harder time letting that go than anything else.

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