The price of: rice-a-roni; parking; aiming high

Bob Barker’s been hosting The Price Is Right longer than I’ve been alive, but he’s decided to hang it up next year. I bet he’ll be really good at grocery shopping.


Richmond upon Thames is one of the nicer neighbourhoods in London, and has decided to triple (or treble, depending on where you’re reading this) the parking fee for SUVs. I can’t imagine a Toronto neighbourhood like Rosedale or Hogg’s Hollow trying this.


The latest evidence that people are dumb: more of them watched CSI: Miami than watched Studio 60 (which has now been canceled). Thanks a lot, dull squishy middle.

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0 thoughts on “The price of: rice-a-roni; parking; aiming high

  1. Bob rules….that fight scene in Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler is one of my all time favorites.

    I will be pissed if they do cancel Studio 60. Between it and Heroes I look forward to Monday nights.

  2. Re: parking in Richmond varying with the environmental impact of your car. Note that this is a trial. If it works, they’ll expand it; if it doesn’t, they may not. But I suspect they’ll adopt it – it’s pretty hard for those driving SUVs to say they’re being unfairly penalised.

    Also, the London congestion charging zone expands in the west from February 2007. That’s after it went up this year from £5 to £8. And, as I blogged, they may adjust that scheme to vary the congestion charge depending on how fuel-efficient your vehicle is.

  3. Whether it’s a trial or not, I guess my point was that I can’t even imagine the idea being floated in an equivalent North American neighbourhood. They have the bumper stickers you can buy here for a few hundred bucks, which is supposed to offset the environmental damage your SUV does and keep the hippies from keying your sweet ride. But that’s through a 3rd-party, and probably done for profit.

    I can maybe see it happening in Seattle or Vancouver, where they tend to be more environmentally conscious and the downtown is more confined by geography. In Toronto all the SUV drivers either live in Rosedale where they’ve built 4-car garages ’cause they’re rich or they live in Whitby where they build 4-car garages ’cause land is so cheap.

    I guess maybe we should feel bad for them; obviously anyone who buys a car that big has tiny genitalia.

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