I hope you take a chit, 'cause a chit is what you're getting

Last night I went out with two university friends (who happen to constitute 2/3 of the market*) and their wives to Cava, the new tapas restaurant run by Chris McDonald, formerly of Avalon. While I still have a bit of a mental barrier to tapas — some part of my brain refuses to feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth unless I leave the restaurant in stomach pain — I really enjoyed the meal. Some of the things that sounded really tasty are now verboten to me, like the chorizo sausage and the venison, we had plenty of delicious things: the watercress & roasted beet salad, the duck portion of the charcuteria, the sablefish, the swiss chard w/ pine nuts, and especially the boneless roasted quail stuffed with spiced chicken. The desserts were amazing as well, two warm ybarra chocolate cakes and a vanilla & orange sundae with pine nuts & candied violets(!).

We left full, but not in pain, which was kind of a nice feeling. You also don’t drink nearly as much at tapas (when it’s done right) because there’s constantly new bits of food coming at you, so that helped. The service was great too.

Because of some technical issues (*cough* Bell sucks *cough*) we weren’t able to get in touch with friends for drinks afterward, but we’re heading out in the next few minutes to have brunch with them, so…all’s well.

*it would take way too long to explain that, and I’m not sure I understand it myself.

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