Bone-lazy idleness? Gimme.

Ze work, she is finished. Ze packing, she has just begun. Ze Frank: funny.

Technically I’m now on vacation, although the night before a trip isn’t exactly relaxing. I’ll feel like I’m on vacation once I place my arse in my airplane seat tomorrow afternoon and have no further responsibilities or time requirements for the next two weeks. At 3:00 tomorrow, god (and air traffic control) willing, I shall be in languor land.

“Languor is underrated. It is not possible to be immobile in modern urban society except by dint of constant effort. Holding on tightly to the riverbank and fighting the current is not languor. Nobody likes that. But bone-lazy idleness, hours and hours spent staring at the sky and remembering books and birthdays and great kisses: this is a pure pleasure that eludes the productive in all their confident superiority. Languor is sunny and hot. It is at home near the sea and is best appreciated in environments of beauty and limited promise. It contains within it the idea of boredom, but is also colored by idle fancy and the understanding that some things proceed best with limited attention. Fishing, for instance. If you’re always reeling in and checking your bait, you’ll only worsen your chances. Relax.” –Kevin Patterson, The Water In Between

That’s one of my favourite quotes, from one of my favourite books. And there’s really not much other way to describe the farm than languorous.


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