My kingdom for some old-fashioned pollution

We arrived in Pictou Landing about 48 hours ago to visit with Nellie’s mom and her fella. It’s been a relaxing visit so far; the weather has helped limit our activities to sitting, eating and drinking. We even did a bit of boxing day shopping, picking up some new DVDs.

A few notes from the last few days:

1. The people from this small town are about as racist as people from most other small towns. So far we’ve heard slurs against “pakis” and natives from the nearby reserve. Apparently there are also conceited jackasses here; I’ve seen at least one Hummer.

2. The pulp mill nearby covers the entire area with a stench not unlike rotting vegetables. It’s not faint either; about 50% of the times we’ve stepped outside it’s smelled like a recent fart.

3. The towns of Stellarton/New Glasgow/Trenton/whatever are about as pretty as Sydney…which is to say they’re not. At all.

4. The mall nearby (where we picked up the DVDs) has an arcade. No foolin’…a freaking video game arcade.

5. They drive everywhere here, even to the end of the driveway. I don’t get it.

We’re going out for dinner tonight and leaving for Halifax tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to a hotel bed and dinner at Da Maurizio with my brothers et al.

Finally, and most importantly, happy 3rd anniversary to Nellie and I!!

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0 responses to “My kingdom for some old-fashioned pollution

  1. Happy Anniversary guys!!!

    btw: hotel bed with your brothers? kind of a strange way to spend your anniversary, no?

  2. 😛

    I phrased that badly. The dinner is with my brothers, the hotel bed is just with my wife.

    Besides, our anniversary is tonight, not tomorrow. You were there, remember!? 😉

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