The power of suggestion

My wife often falls prey to “impulse” displays at checkout counters, and usually gets cravings for whatever food commercial just aired on TV (even for food she doesn’t normally like). I suppose this makes her normal; advertisers wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a market for it.

I’m not affected by ads, but music gets me every time. If I hear a good song in a movie, or see the title written somewhere, I’m on a mission to listen to that song as soon as possible. For example, in a recent Gaping Void post Hugh talked about “Sister Ray” by The Velvet Underground. Within 30 seconds I’d pulled out my Nomad, found the song and cranked up the volume.

Of course, the problem with “Sister Ray” is that I’m tired of the song by the sixth minute, and I still have eleven to go. The other problem is that “Sister Ray” reminds me of the movie Brick, which I’ll now have to go buy on DVD. Dammit.

[tags]impulse buying, gaping void, velvet underground, sister ray, brick[/tags]

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