Winter my licious

I’ve noticed a spike in the amount of junk mail arriving in my (paper) mail box over the past week or so. It seems to be mainly flyers for two things: gyms and junk food.

The eternal struggle continues.


We made our winterlicious picks today: 1055, Canoe and Savoy with T-Bone, and Jump with another friend. We start the night I get back from my stats course and end shortly before Nellie’s birthday dinner. It’ll be a fortnight of decadence, without a doubt.


This movie looks horribly inappropriate. I can’t wait to see it. Super bonus points for using a Black Keys song.

Any bets on the Oscar for best song going to “It’s Hard Out Here For A Nympho”?

[tags]junk mail, gyms, junk food, winterlicious, black snake moan[/tags]

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