Urinary sphincter? Check!

This is a scary, scary story: a 9-year-old Canadian kid and his parents being held in a Texas immigration jail for almost two weeks now.

“Now, just to be clear, you were never planning to end up in the United States, is that right? You were flying to Canada, but another passenger on the plane had a heart attack, and so you guys had a forced landing in Puerto Rico, and when you had to come out of the plane, while he was taken off the plane, that’s when they took you?”

This comes on the heels of a unanimous decision by the Canadian supreme court that six terrorism suspects have been unfairly denied trials, and that the use of “security certificates” (whereby suspects can be held on secret evidence) are unconstitutional. Just as Canada takes one important step forward, they take another step back as they remain silent about this 9-year-old boy.

[via POGGE]


On a lighter note, we watched an absurd (in a good way?) film last night: Crank (imdb | rotten tomatoes). It was like one big frantic idiotic music video…which is decent entertainment for a Friday night when you’re not really feeling up for anything beyond that.

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