"It's mind boggling. It's an altered reality." No kidding.

Via the Showcase Sideshow: there’s a virtual revolution going on in Second Life.

Last week, an organization known as the Second Life Liberation Army, the “in-world military wing of a national liberation movement,“ set off an atomic bomb outside the American Apparel shop in Second Life, a game-free virtual world that claims two million cyber-citizens. A few hours later another nuke exploded at a Reebok store. Though the bombing campaign was their flashiest attack yet, the SLLA has been spearheading an insurrection for months now as part of their campaign for self-rule within the 3D “metaverse” created by San Francisco hi-tech firm–or, as the SLLA dubs them, “authoritarian government”–Linden Lab.

I don’t know why, but the idea of setting off atomic bombs outside a virtual American Apparel delights me. I really hope it took out someone from their <strike>child pornography harem</strike> marketing department.

Get a first life, indeed.


In answer to my own earlier question (which was “I can’t decide who I want to make fun of more: James Cameron for announcing that he’s found the tomb of Jesus, or the people who are outraged by it.“), it’s the latter.

James Cameron and the documentary crew are just making a publicity play, pure and simple. There’s nothing wrong with that, either; you could argue the merits of duping the dupable for profit’s sake, but that’s the underlying principle of advertising, so it’s not as if these folks are the first to try it. Honestly, what kills me are the people who claim it couldn’t possibly be Jesus’ tomb because there’s a body inside, and the bible says Jesus ascended to heaven when he died.

A university professor, dismissing the story about the tomb being Jesus’, said “It’s a beautiful story but without any proof whatsoever.” Rarely have I heard religion described so well.

One final note: can we please stop talking about The Da Vinci Code now?

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