"Market's bubbly boom" is the new "Cellar door"

Another positive step for Canada:

The Canadian parliament has voted against renewing two controversial anti-terror measures that had been adopted after the 11 September attacks.

The measures allowed suspects to be detained without charge for three days and could compel witnesses to testify.

The minority Conservative government accused the opposition Liberals of being soft on terror.

I’m not sure how accurate that accusation can be when it was the opposition Liberals who introduced the measures in the first place. Anyway, though they were never used, I’m glad they’re gone.


The Economist’s Free Exchange blog touches on yesterday’s market troubles in this morning’s memo, and hints at how powerful Alan Greenspan’s mutterings are even now that he’s no longer the Fed chairman. I wonder what would happen if Greenspan just wandered up to a camera crew and yelled “Soy! Soy! Buy all the soy futures you can get your hands on!” into a microphone?

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