It'd better not be flesh-eating disease

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, since whatever it is that’s affecting me is getting worse. The sunburn-like pain on the left side of my face and neck has spread to my shoulder blade, as well as to the back and top of my head. In some places it’s actually turned into a rash or something. The thing (it’s too small to call a lump) on the back of my head is still there, and rather painful. My wrist is also really sore, but I think that’s ’cause I had to sleep funny to stay off my left side and jammed it somehow.

I took some off-the-shelf allergy medication today but it didn’t do anything, so the doctor it is. I didn’t sleep well either, between the pain and the partying asshole neighbours, so I now have a tired-headache. I’m going to bed right after the hockey game. Then the doctor tomorrow. The jammed wrist can wait. One thing at a time.

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0 thoughts on “It'd better not be flesh-eating disease

  1. That sounds more like an infection of some sort than an allergic reaction. But I don’t even play a doctor on TV, so you’d better get a proper opinion.

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