Take that, polar bear cub

It’s the cutest of all animals cranking up the cute meter even further. Set your adorable threshold to high for otters holding hands.

Between that video and sites like i can has cheezburger, apparently anthropomorphization of animals is my entertainment of choice these days.


The shingles have moved on to the “throbbing pain” stage. This would explain why the doctor offered me Tylenol3. Guess I should’ve taken that.

[tags]otters holding hands, shingles, trobbing pain[/tags]

0 thoughts on “Take that, polar bear cub

  1. OMG…they are the cutest! Hopefully I will get to see a few in the wild next week in Tofino. They are one of my favourite sea creatures and unlike the sea lions I don’t have to worry about competing for waves with them.

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