I'd like a gallon of the "Quietude" please

My wife just arrived home with enough paint samples to tile our floor. I’m having trouble deciding between “hidden peak”, “nature retreat”, “amphibian” and “paramount”. All four are shades of gray, by the way. In fact, there are about 50 different gray samples sitting on the counter right now, all with equally helpful names.

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0 thoughts on “I'd like a gallon of the "Quietude" please

  1. we chose several different shades of grey here….pewter vase, loft, and Jet Set the trim is in Polar Bear, and accent in Lakeside mist.
    if your samples only cover the counter, you got off easy

  2. Your counters aren’t that big! I would have hoped Nellie had brought back shades of cream, as well, to give you ideas of alternate colours. If she had done that, you might have gained my sympathy!

    Hope your plague is healing.

  3. I’m sensing a definite gender division here! For the record, the colours under consideration are New Penny (front hall), Chocolate Froth (2nd bathroom, but the way, less “chocolate” and more “froth”), Smoked Oyster (living/dining room), Gentle Rain (bedroom), Creek Bend (ensuite bathroom), and Rocky Mountain Sky (den). They are mostly in the beige/brown/grey families, but the New Penny is like a burnt orange and the Rocky Mountain Sky is like a blue/grey.

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