"This day is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s"

If you watched The Office last night that title will make a lot more sense. And if you watched 30 Rock, you might’ve heard Tina Fey yell “I will slice you open like a taun-taun!” And then you might’ve heard me yowl with laughter.


Another day, another bunch of boxes unpacked. The books are now taken care of, and the kitchen is close to done. Next thing is to set up the TV and stereo before I leave Sunday morning, and get the empty boxes collapsed and taken out. Also have to get to Dove Cleaners; I’ve got a stain on a suit jacket that looks as if I’ve been lactating. Nobody wants that visual.


Choosing between #1 and #1a is hard. And when you love them both, having to choose at all sucks. Sorry that’s cryptic, but it concerns stuff I don’t usually talk about here. It was gut-wrenching, but I guess there are worse problems than having to choose between the two best options I’ve ever had.

[tags]moving, spire condominium[/tags]

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