No sooner do we move away from Hayden Street than a woman is found murdered (presumably) in a TTC stairway there. We walked by that stairwell every time we took the subway, as the exit’s just a few steps from our old place, but never actually took the stairs as homeless people camped out in there and it was usually pretty foul-smelling.


Time Canada has an article about Porter, the airlines flying out of the Toronto Island airport. It doesn’t seem to be the best-researched article, but it caught my eye because we’re starting to consider Porter as an option. If we want to fly to Montreal, the prospect of a quick trip from our condo to the island airport is more attractive than the $50 cab ride and 90 minute wait involved in flying out of Pearson. And if Porter starts flying to Halifax (which they plan to do) and New York (which they’re applying to do), the idea gets even more attractive.

[via Spacing]


OK, must brush teeth and head off to class. I think today we’re talking about teh internetz. I believe it is a series of tubes.

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