We can, we're strong, we'll beat it

New music I’ve been listening to:

  • a sunny day in glasgow . “5-15 train”
  • black taj . “woke up tired”
  • dandy warhols . “she sells sanctuary”
  • dt’s . “330 freedom”
  • fujiya & miyagi . “casettesingle”
  • jandek . “nancy sings”
  • junior boys . “in the morning (hot chip remix)”
  • katie melua . “i cried for you”
  • kissaway trail . “61”
  • maximo park . “our velocity”
  • motor . “bleep”
  • papercuts . “take the 227th exit”

The Kissaway Trail and DT’s songs are particularly good.


From the “disgusting for more than one reason” file, we have this from CNN: a woman in Texas says a jury shouldn’t blame her husband for microwaving their baby, they should blame the devil.

Holy shee-ite.



Wrote 2/3 of my paper today. Couldn’t bring myself to write the whole thing. Bad, bad MBA candidate…

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0 thoughts on “We can, we're strong, we'll beat it

  1. I find Katie Melua, umm, somewhat attractive. OK, it’s completely irrational infatuation. The other track to check out from that album is a great cover of the Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”.

    I don’t know who directs her videos, but they’re all great. Especially “I cried for you” and “9 Million Bicycles”.

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