Hard cell

For about five years now I’ve gone without a cell phone. I don’t miss having one; I can usually do what I need using my Blackberry (which doesn’t have voice enabled). Lately, though, I’ve been thinking I should get another.

So I spent some time poking about cell phone provider’s websites, and I’ve forgotten how freaking expensive they are. The newer phones are $300-400 unless I opt for a long-term contract, and only the oldest few are free, even if I sign for 3 years. Signing up subjects me to all kinds of charges…at least $25/month, plus a “system access fee” which is in the neighbourhood of $8-9/month. What the hell is a system access fee? How is it any different than the $25 I’d already be paying? It’s not, of course, but it’s a way for the phone companies to hide costs and increase the customer’s perceived value.

Now Magazine took a swing at mobile providers this past week, and Tom Purves pointed out last month how much our mobile data access costs. I’m just not sure I want to play along with this little scheme the carriers are running.

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  1. Yes, I actually commented on that Tom Purves article. It is much more cost effective at this time to get a EVDO data card from a US based CDMA provider (and roam on Bell and Aliant in Canada) and get their unlimited North American data package ($99-$129 USD/month). It does not make sense that Bell and Aliant are not offering similiar unlimited packages at those price points.

    The Canadian providers need to smarten up on the data front and also on the voice front. Depending on your calling pattern/profile I suspect it would be cheaper to get a US based cell phone for voice service as well. Craziness.

  2. I just got a SMS from Rogers which says that they going to apply long-distance rates on top of my current air time rate to all long-distance incoming calls.
    This is just ridicules.
    In Canada we have worse mobile service in the world and this is not a joke. Most developing countries have lower price rate for much better quality mobile service. I will vote for anyone on next election who can promise that we will have the mobile service provider that can deliver high quality service with a reasonable price rate. There is no one country in Europe has so high price rate and so poor quality service!!!

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