Fire in the sky & day 2 of mesh07

Ummm…what the hell is going on over there? And what’s going on with the moon?


Today was day 2 of mesh, led off by keynotes Richard Edelman (consensus: kind of boring, but eminently quotable…which is about right since he runs a huge PR firm) and Jim Buckmaster, CEO of Craigslist (consensus: half of the people in the room thought this dude was an alien, since he seems to care little for the profit motive, and a lot about the ways his company runs is antithetical to established business doctrine. Me, I wanted to hug him.).

My optional sessions for the afternoon — “New Media – Teaching Old Markets New Tricks”, “Building a Community – How and Why it Matters” and “Is Fake the New Real? Transparency and Trust” — were all okay, but all kind of ran together for me. Good thing I took notes; I can’t remember anything specific about any of them.

Right after the conference finished many of us went to a pub just down the street, which a) was already packed, b) wasn’t expecting us, c) seems disorganized at the best of times and d) had malfunctioning draft taps. As a result I stayed for only one drink, with the eminently delightful Amy Rae who is beyond any doubt the coolest, most interesting, most fantabulous living being ever to inhabit the earth. She’s smarter than you (whoever you are), she can juggle swords and I believe she invented the monkey. She also goes by the name LiquorPig; look her up.

I’m not sure if I’d go again next year. I’m not learning a whole lot of new stuff and, given my introversion, I’m not meeting a lot of new people. What I am getting is a lot of quotes that I can use to persuade my company to get on this bus, so maybe that’s reason enough to keep going. It doesn’t hurt to be re-energized once a year, being surrounded by people who get it.


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  1. Thanks for coming, Dan. We know about the Pogue’s thing – we weren’t really sure how to handle the after party, frankly – last year we didn’t really have one – some folks just got together near mesh to have a drink or two. And we knew that few people would likely go because at the end of two intensively social days many folks just vant to be alone 🙂 But we’ll think more about how to do this better next year.

    I do hope you consider coming back. I hear you re introversion (me too), and by all means if you come back say hi and we’ll intro you where we can.

    We’ll be setting something up soon to get feedback – it’ll be mentioned on the blog when we do – and it would be great if you’d download comments on us – they’d be much appreciated.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Rob.

    No worries about the pub; I was really just leading up to the joke about my friend Amy.

    Thanks again for your part in organizing round 2 of mesh!

  3. I believe what was going on was Luminato ( which from what I heard in the office here (TO) is a creative arts festival. Apparently there is an event tonight at the ROM and its open all night.

  4. Oh nice, now 4 people know that I’m endearingly called liquor pig. sweet.

    just to make sure those 4 people are on the right track…liquor pig came from a random guy that I didn’t know who I spoke to for all of 2 seconds and he decided to randomly tag me with “liquor pig” which speaks to the intelligence of the table when everyone choked on their beer because they thought the comment was so displaced that it was HILARIOUS!

    If it came from another source I may not rebut…but from a some random Jedi throwing it out there, no way…

  5. I concur. I used Liquor Pig not because I’ve seen any behaviour to suggest that Amy has a drinking problem, only because the story was so funny that I felt I have no choice but to use it when in a bar with her. I mean really, how could you not?

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