The night shift lullaby

I just made my dad a CD, which I shall stick in the mail tomorrow. He likes getting them every now and then, and I like making them; it’s inspiring and reassuring to know that my 64-year-old father likes good music. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. cat power . “kingsport town”
  2. r.l. burnside . “old black mattie”
  3. amy millan . “blue in yr eye”
  4. magnolia electric company . “the night shift lullaby”
  5. black keys . “you’re the one”
  6. yo la tengo . “my little corner of the world”
  7. jessie mae hemphill . “standing in my doorway crying”
  8. old crow medicine show . “minglewood blues”
  9. ox . “1913”
  10. broken west . “down in the valley tonight”
  11. great lake swimmers . “i could be nothing”
  12. pablo . “wall street”
  13. william elliot whitmore . “does me no good”
  14. avett brothers . “shame”
  15. kings of leon . “the runner”
  16. sufjan stevens . “amazing grace”

I suspect he’ll especially like the songs by R.L. Burnside, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Ox (since it’s a Woody Guthrie cover), William Elliot Whitmore and The Avett Brothers. The Yo La Tengo, Pablo and Kings of Leon are stretches, but you have to keep the old man on his toes.

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