OK, for polls like this people always pick what’s fresh in their minds rather than stopping to think about it for half a second, but it’s pretty hard to argue with #1. That song makes me want to claw my own ears off in the same way that “More Than Words” did many years ago.

“James Blunt’s hit You’re Beautiful has been deemed the most irritating song of all time, according to a global online poll by a U.K.-based firm.”

[from CBC]


By the way, I don’t know why I have mentioned this before, ’cause it might just be my most favouritest news of the year: The alternate title of the Arcade Fire‘s “Antichrist Television Blues” is “Joe Simpson”. Yup, the father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson; the song’s an indictment of a creepy man. Well done, AF.


Off to find beer and dinner, in that order.

[tags]james blunt, extreme, arcade fire, joe simpson[/tags]

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