The best defense against ribs

Normally after I write an exam I’d just come home and crash, but today I had things to do. I dropped my stuff and went up to the office; I wanted to get moved into my desk so I could hit the ground running Tuesday morning. I shared a brownie with T-Bone, caught up on some email, waited for Nellie so I could show her my new floor and then headed home. On the way I bumped into two of my classmates on Bloor; they’re hanging around the city for the weekend.  Now I’m home, catching up on a bunch of stuff, waiting for Nellie and her mom (who’s visiting) to make pizza. Tomorrow, when I have more energy we’ll visit the Distillery District.


If I lived in London today, I’d buy one of these t-shirts.


Thank goodness the Toronto Ribfest has moved out to Centennial Park (wherever the hell that is). I don’t think I could bear to have it just around the corner on Front Street this year.

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0 responses to “The best defense against ribs

  1. Guy – it was worth the drive out to Centenial Park… well, maybe not the whole drive (we had to go out west to pick up Warren’s car… long story…), and we did get a bit lost, but those were some damn good ribs!

  2. I’ve done the ribfest twice before, so I know how good it is, but even if we *could* eat the meat it’s still not worth going way the hell out there. I’m pretty sure we’d have to rent a burro at Kipling Station to get us there.

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