Half a step back

Another fatblogging check-in:

  • Original weight: 233
  • Weight last week: 229
  • Weight this week: 229.5

Not a great week, clearly. I’m not surprised; work eliminated pretty much all opportunity for exercise, and also made it all too easy to eat like crap. I’m hopeful, though not terribly optimistic, that this week will be better.


I finally fixed the connection problem with my desktop. And by “fixed” I mean reinstalled Windows. There were obviously other problems going on anyway, and I’d always been annoyed that it shipped with XP Home, so I installed Pro. I didn’t do a completely clean install though, so I can foresee problems popping up before too long. Still, I needed a working computer by today so I could get to work on my paper. The only problem now: the sound card doesn’t work.

[UPDATE] It also seems to recognize my USB2.0 controller as only 1.1.

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0 thoughts on “Half a step back

  1. I had a pretty good week weight loss wise this past week but I expect I will need it to balance things out as I am traveling this week. Chicago has way too many good places to eat so I am not sure how my willpower will hold out.

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