Really, they're both about rejection…

I just saw two tshirts on the street that I really, really want.

The first one had a picture of Mr. T imposed over a normal distribution graph. At the top it said “Mr. T test”; at the bottom it said something like “I pity the fool who rejects my null hypothesis!” I couldn’t quite read the small print as the wearer was cycling away from me, but I still laughed out loud on the street.

The second one was very simple, and will only make sense if you watch Entourage: it had a drawing of Kevin Dillon’s head with the word “DRAMA” in block letters underneath.

I have two questions: where can I get those, and give them to me.

[tags]mr. t, kevin dillon, johnny drama, entourage, tshirts[/tags]

0 responses to “Really, they're both about rejection…

  1. I know it isn’t a question. Clearly you don’t remember that line from The Simpsons. The episode with the elephant.

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