I want everyone like such as to love me

By now everyone’s seen the video of Miss South Carolina displaying her dumbassedness to the world. I’ve watched it about a dozen times since Sunday morning and, while it hurts me, it still makes me giggle.

This morning in the Toronto Star Antonia Zerbisias’ column addressed the famous video and ensuing fallout (she even took the time to transcribe the labyrinthine response), and rightly points out that Miss S.C. is now more famous than she could’ve ever become had she won the pageant.

By the time this has run through its full news, blog and late-night comedy cycle, more people will have seen this clip than have watched all the beauty pageants on U.S. TV in the past year. She’ll be a superstar.

What’s more, Upton has already entered the inevitable “redemption” phase of the process, with talk show appearances and high-fives from network TV hosts.

She also points out the stiff competition Miss S.C. faced:

And who was [the winner] again? Oh yeah, Miss Colorado, Hilary Carol Cruz, who was challenged in the question round with a choice between Paris, Nicole and Lindsay.

After professing that none is a role model – only not so grammatically – she went on to say she prefers Paris “because, in the end. She showed that she knew what was right and what was wrong.”

Meanwhile, Miss North Carolina Kaitlin Coble (second runner-up) said something about Canada being “down there.”

I really hope the “down there” comment was a Simpsons reference.

Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but it seemed like AZ’s column was defending Miss S.C. on the grounds that she’s managed to turn embarassment into fame. Certainly, being publicly idiotic in a country whose entertainment industry rewards public idiocy is an easy way to attain temporary celebrity status, and perhaps those who’ve figured this out (hi there, Paris) deserve respect for gaming the system, if not for any real merit. However, to think that Miss S.C. had this all figured out and was gaming the system might be a bit of a stretch.

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0 thoughts on “I want everyone like such as to love me

  1. I want to know how “osama” got into her answer. The poor girl had so many pre-rehearsed answers in her tiny little head that they all came spewwing out once.

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