Late nights, great whites, snowy heights and winter rites

Just once this week I’d like to get home before 9. Uh, actually, I guess that’ll happen tomorrow. Unless we go back out.


Had drinks and a bite to eat at beerbistro tonight with M2. He caught me up on his Rockies trip (and returned our guide books), and stoked my desire to return in the spring.
I always kind of forget about that place, even though it’s just around the corner, and every time I go I’m reminded how much I like it. ‘Twas cheap, too; two pints of Dennison’s weissbeer and a yummy pizza only cost me $30, tax in.


New holiday in February = bitchin’ = hooray for a Liberal win = perfect weekend to visit Montreal and see a real hockey team. I’m thinking of making it an annual hockey season trip. Hark…is that a plan I hear hatching?

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