21.622% left to go

Sunrise was a fun color this morning, as you can see. That’s one thing about this place…I’ve seen more sunrises in the past six months than in my previous ten years in Toronto.


Want to see the history of the world’s major religions played out in 90 seconds? It’s impressive to see Christianity linger quietly in western Europe for the better part of 2,000 years, then a big jump, then whammo…world domination.


I have 311 days left in my MBA. This is problematic. I have no energy or patience left. I find I can devote, at most, an hour at a time to it without losing interest. At this point I’m majoring in apathy.

Really, I just have to push through the next fifteen days. After that I can downshift a little, and after my course in January I’m just coasting into the summer.

[tags]toronto, sunrise, world religion, mba, apathy[/tags]

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