Sonny, je t'aime…even if you do wake me up in the middle of the &%@# night

I’m much too tired to function. My cat woke me up twice last night because he wanted to play. It’s a long story. He’s a very demanding cat. Anyway, I wasn’t functioning well enough to run today but the plan’s on for tomorrow. Just to be on the safe side I may build myself one of those Hannibal Lecter carts that fits an 18-pound wookiee.


We haven’t been to a theatre in months, and it shows. The movies are piling up again. The following movies are in the theatre right now:

  • Into The Wild
  • King Of California
  • Michael Clayton
  • Paris, Je T’aime
  • The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
  • The Brave One
  • The Darjeeling Limited
  • The Kingdom
  • We Own The Night

And then there’re these, which come out in the next two weeks:

  • Gone, Baby, Gone
  • Rendition
  • Reservation Road
  • Dan In Real Life
  • Control
  • Fugitive Pieces
  • Rails & Ties
  • Run, Fat Boy, Run

I especially want to see Paris, Je T’aime now that we’ve been to…well, Paris.

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0 thoughts on “Sonny, je t'aime…even if you do wake me up in the middle of the &%@# night

  1. You’re going running with your wookie-cat in a Hannibal cart?

    Yah, I had a cat like that. Had no sympathy for him so he moved out.

    Dude, close the door – you may resume complaints about being woken up when your cats have a feverish puke fest for 3 nights in a row or have woken up in a puddle of their own pee and needed you to change their bed at 4 am.

    I remain,
    Grumpy old daddy-Blogler

    PS. Sorry – needed to vent somewhere. But I really want a picture of wookie-cat in a Hannibal cart, being jogged down a major Toronto street. I’m already LMAO crazy over that mental image – I’ll hack a lung up and mail it to you if you actually do it.

  2. Running? No, I just want to incapacitate him. That cat is two opposable digits away from murdering us in our sleep.

    Also, no door would stop his wookiee howls. And just for the record, the *other* cat has been peeing on our bed…while we’re in it. And the puking? Pretty much nonstop. So we’ve got the bodily functions covered.

    Grumpy old pet owner Dickinson.

  3. I saw Paris, Je T’aime at TIFF last year with Alexander Payne and Margo Martindale in attendance. I’m looking forward to hearing which of 20 stories you most liked.

  4. Sounds like a cat needs a visit to a vet. He may have a urinary tract infection and not be able to help himself! Grandmothers know these things.

  5. Nellie took him to the vet. Nothing medical, he’s just a doorknob. He only does it at a certain time of day, and only when we’re in the bed, so we think it’s punishment for going away for two weeks and leaving him alone with his bully of a brother. Again…Hannibal Lecter mask.

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