I think that if I were to win the lottery I’d still want to work. I’d go crazy if I didn’t. I mean, I’d take a few months off and do whatever, but I’d take a nice relaxing job. Probably part-time. Maybe at a book store, a small classic one like Nicholas Hoare where the floors squeak.

What would your lottery job be? Would you have one at all?


Speaking of books, a new one called The Top 100 Canadian Albums lists…well, I’m pretty sure you don’t need my help here. The Toronto Star lists the first twenty, and I don’t have much to argue with. It’s pretty hard to dispute Neil Young‘s Harvest at #1, and they include some albums — Music From Big Pink, Fully Completely, Funeral, Moving Pictures, Whale Music — that, while less obvious, are completely deserving of inclusion. Even Bryan Adams wasn’t completely horrid back then.


The old commerce building at Dalhousie, where I spent four years of my life, is being demolished. Sitting in the dank basement case rooms, walking up the rickety stairs, dashing through the waterfall that fell through the seam between the buildings when it rained, rolling across the uneven computer lab floor…ah, what fun. Cough, cough…


7 months ago I mocked people who used Twitter, having tried it and not thought much of it. Today I fired it up again, as much as an outlet as anything else. If anyone’s on (other than those of you I’m already following) let me know. I’m LtDan.

Most of my readership is now scratching their head, wondering what unholy nerdquest I’m on about now…

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0 responses to “ReTwitterated

  1. I would also want to work. I couldn’t imagine sitting around all day doing nothing. I would probably spruce up my gym club and just coach a couple of classes/week. Nothing on the weekend!

  2. I think that maybe I wouldn’t work. I always feel like I wouldn’t want to. Maybe that’d change once I actually gave it a go, I dunno. But if I was wealthy and had to work, I’d be a photojournalist.

  3. Well, I think it’s a pretty sad statement on my life and ambition that my “dream job” doesn’t come immediately to mind. But hey, there is always the “Maple Water” plant… or going back to school to study Anthropology…or my life long dream of building a time machine…Ya, that’s it…I could be like Batman, but with Time Travel gadgets…

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