"It's been traveling twenty-two years to get here. And now it's here."

The sun was almost piercing this morning when it first came up. Came right through the blind at me.


Last night Nellie and I went to see No Country For Old Men (imdb | rotten tomatoes) at the Varsity. My god, what a movie. Probably the best I’ve seen all year. The writing — adapted very closely from the novel, I’m told by a co-worker who read it — was incredible. It was tense and engaging and funny in that Coen Brothers way.

It was also brutal. Very, very brutal; if you’re the kind of person who’s uneasy about film violence, you might choose to avoid it, but man…the characters and scenes evoked by this film are just unforgettable. I’m fairly certain my next nightmare will feature Javier Bardem in a pageboy haircut. If you can take the violence* and you generally appreciate Coen Brothers films then I can’t recommend the movie enough.

Ooh…before the film started we saw the trailer for There Will Be Blood, the new Paul Thomas Anderson film starring Daniel Day-Lewis. While it’s not a horror film, the preview could best be described as chilling.

* Comparing it to other films, I’d say it’s more violent than The Departed; maybe more like A History Of Violence.


We bought a laser level / stud finder this morning. I figure this makes me about 3% more domestic than I was yesterday.

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