Because it's that time

December means best-of lists. I’m starting with what I considered to be the best albums of 2007. In past years I’ve pussied out and not ranked them; not so this year. While 2007 lacked a clear and classic winner like The Woods or Funeral, the top three are all quite good.

  1. Kings Of Leon . Because Of The Times
  2. Arcade Fire . Neon Bible
  3. The Besnard Lakes . The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse
  4. Radiohead . In Rainbows
  5. Spoon . Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
  6. Raising The Fawn . Sleight Of Hand
  7. Explosions In The Sky . All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
  8. Band Of Horses . Cease To Begin
  9. Okkervil River . The Stage Names
  10. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club . Baby 81

Neko Case‘s Live From Austin, Texas was among the best I bought all year, but I don’t feel right including a live/compilation album on that list. Other good ones included Ongiara by Great Lake Swimmers, The Kissaway Trail‘s eponymous debut and Let’s Stay Friends by Les Savy Fav. My two biggest disappointments were Challengers by The New Pornographers and Icky Thump by The White Stripes; both were good, but not of the killer quality I’m accustomed to hearing with those two bands.

Over the next few days I’ll be doing my best films (so far) and best songs list.

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0 thoughts on “Because it's that time

  1. A lot of these albums are going on my list as well, but I just don’t get the hype for Ga^5. I’ve listened to that album a dozen times or so, but I honestly can’t remember a single song the day after listening to it.

    Sitting here right now, all that I can remember about it is that I really like “Don’t You Evah”, but can’t remember at all how the song goes. Shouldn’t an album that’s at the top of virtually every Top Album list be a little more memorable?

    Of course, I get hit in the head a lot, so…

  2. I find most Spoon albums like that though. No one song stands out, but the whole thing is reasonably good. That’s what put it slightly ahead of Raising The Fawn, which has a few incredible songs, a few good songs and then some filler.

    I find I’m having this problem a lot now though. I still download albums, and “audition” them in album format, but once I decide to keep something I add it to my larger collection…which means the primary way in which I hear any music is on random, either on my Zen or through my Roku.

    Even that auditioning phase is done more as an evaluation than out of enjoyment, so apart from an exclusive few (the first four albums on this list, probably) I don’t even listen to albums anymore, so albums (and these lists, as a result) are becoming less and less relevant to me.

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