Villa Del Refugio

Turns out I have 1,150 pages of marketing to read by the end of April. Not counting Fridays (which I refuse to sacrifice to school) and vacation days (but including holidays), and assuming I only take five days to complete each of the four assignments I’ll have to read about 25 pages a day, every day, between now and May 3.

199 days to go. Must…warp…time…with…power…of…mind…guh.


I just listened to the self-titled album by This Will Destroy You. It’s like Mogwai + Explosions In The Sky…which some would say already sound alike, but nuts to them/some. It’s the post-rock social event of the season. Thanks to Jeph Jacques for the tip.

[tags]mba, marketing, this will destroy you, mogwai, explosions in the sky[/tags]

0 thoughts on “Villa Del Refugio

  1. Yes, but you have to use very precise lingo. If you use normal words it’s bullshit; if you use the fancy, equivalent words it’s marketing.

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