"Snow: a form of precipitation witnessed every year in Toronto, to great astonishment."

Oh, Torontians. When the media begins making fun of your hysteria, that’s when you know you should quit your whining and just buy a fucking shovel.

I’ll admit it wasn’t a lot of fun outside today — I don’t mind the snow but I’d really prefer it didn’t come at me parallel to the ground — but for the love of Frank Shuster, it’s Canada and it’s February. Take a deep breath. Buy a scarf. When we get hit by something like this, you can kvetch all you want, but until then, all you’re doing is keeping the memory of Mel Lastman’s army distress call alive in the national consciousness.


We watched Hot Fuzz (imdb | rotten tomatoes) last night. It followed the style of Shaun Of The Dead closely: very, very funny at first and developing into a fairly serious homage (of, admittedly, a fairly silly subject: cop/buddy movies) by the end. If you liked SotD, I’d definitely recommend Hot Fuzz.

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0 thoughts on “"Snow: a form of precipitation witnessed every year in Toronto, to great astonishment."

  1. I have no problem shoveling, and if walking a couple blocks were the worst of my problems I’d have no issue.

    But it took *5 days* for my crescent to get plowed from the last storm, during which cars could barely shove their way through the 200-400m to get to a larger street. I do have a problem with that.

    And something tells me the proposed raises in property taxes aren’t going to be going towards snow removal next year, so I’ll continue to kvetch as I please, thanks.

  2. “Hot Fuzz” was good. I watched it on the weekend and although the wife thought I was insane because it was stupid I quite liked it. Again I loved “Shaun of the Dead” so me liking this was not surprising. Yar.

  3. Whenever I watch “Hot Fuzz” with other people they always look at me funny because I’m giggling constantly not just at the jokes, but the dead-on parody of Michael Bay’s cinematography gimmicks.

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